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Welcome to VARSITY Youth
Cycling Club.

VARSITY Youth Cycling Club is the "Youth" arm of Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club and Racing Team.





Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club and Racing Team have always been family-focused, but we are now excited to offer youth-specific cycling experiences to you and your family. The club hosts regular kids rides suitable for beginners and beyond. We also support youth racing and are a registered USA Cycling Race Team.  Our goal is to share a love of cycling with the next generation.

We offer a positive social environment where youth can learn and practice cycling skills for:

  • Mountain Biking

  • Cyclocross

  • Road Biking




Generally, we meet twice a month.

Meetups fall into two categories:

  • Varsity Meetup

  • Varsity "Challenge" Meetup

General meetups are fun and easy, anyone at any basic skill level is welcome and should be able to complete the ride or activities. Any bicycle in decent condition should be adequate.  Kids on strider bikes are also welcome, and may ride an abbreviated route as determined with parents.  Occasionally, parents come to general meetups with bike trailers with very little ones. All are welcome! An example of a general meetup route would be Sycamore grove gravel path and pavement path, approximately 4 miles with just a few hills and frequent regroupings. We may also have skills clinics or bicycle games before or after the ride.

Challenge meetups, the rides or activities will be tougher. Youth should be comfortable on their bikes and willing to tackle a challenge. Not all bicycles may be safe for these rides. Talk to a coach at a general meetup to determine if you child is ready for a "challenge" meetup. An example of a challenge ride would be Sycamore Grove, including the hills on the backside of the park, approximately 8 miles with some steep challenging hills and uneven terrain, and occasional singletrack trails that require more bicycle handling skills.

If you're not ready for a "Challenge" meetup, talk with a Coach about what is needed to get to that point, and work on a plan to build those skills. What a great goal to work on together as a family and as a club! We can't wait to celebrate with your child at the completion their first "Challenge" ride.

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